Measure + Control + Fix Code Quality Issues

Control and Fix
Code Quality Issues


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Reconstruct your technical debt evolution

The smart integration with Git, helps to reconstruct when and who wrote the lines of code of the current code quality issues.

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Catch issues before committing

You can catch which are exactly the new issues produced in your code before starting a pull request or committing your repository.

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Quick fixes integration

Detect which are the patches that you can apply to fix your coding style issues.

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Multiple programming languages

Currently, you can detect coding style issues for Java, Javascript, JSP and PL-SQL.

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Define your own ruleset

You can compose which is the ruleset you need by combining rulesets from different providers (e.g PMD, FindBugs, CheckStyle)

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Write clean code faster than ever

Prioritize the files to fix, to improve your productivity with the features that now matter.

How it works

WalkModHub analyzes your Git repository with existing open source technologies to detect code quality issues and offers, for some of the most common issues, quick fixes that can be integrated by means of a patch.

Moreover, you can safely add to your existing open source static code analysis tool, incremental checking capabilities. Therefore, you can automatically fix and prevent new code quality issues.

Try it now

Try it now in your own machine with , running the following commands:

wget -O docker-compose.yml
docker-compose up
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Now, open your browser and go to the localhost web address.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much it can increase our productivity?

It depends on which are the most critical code quality issues for you. However, considering open source projects with different rulesets, you can improve between a 6-20% only by applying the generated quick fixes.

Could it be integrated in my CI tool?

Yes. We support static code analysis tools that can be run as part of your build or as a new task in your continuous integration (e.g Jenkins) pipeline. Our plugins connect to walkmodhub to resolve which are the introduced new issues.

Which static code analysis tools are integrated?

Currently, WalkmModHub integrate PMD, which supports multiple programming languages, and WalkMod. Actively, we are adding more static code analysis tools.

How coding style fixings can be prioritized?

Git contains all the history of our project, and the last file touched are those which contain the new features that currently matters. If we focus on fixing the issues that affect on those new files, we will achieve a short term productivity benefits.

Which rule sets are applied?

We apply any existing rule of the supported static code tools for the detected languages of the project. Afterwards, the user can customize which rulesets are no longer applied or which issues can be ignored.

Could I add more quick fixings ?

Yes, since we use WalkMod to apply quick fixes and it is open source. Any approved update on the technology is automatically applied in WalkModHub without any extra configuration.


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Our story

Everything started in Barcelona, when two college friends, passionate about software engineering, discussed about automatic ways to generate and fix software. As a result, we created WalkMod, an open source framework to design code transformations. However, with the help of the open source community, and specially of and , we realized that WalkMod was too generic while developers were specifically interested in fixing issues reported by static code analysis tools.

However, WalkMod applies code transformations across the whole code base, which raises issues specially when the codebase is old and large. For this reason, we develop WalkModHub, in order to assist developers in the process of fixing coding style issues on legacy code. This is something that other similar products are not considering as these are mainly focused on just controlling upcoming issues. Fixing existing issues, reduces the time effort to understand and maintain existing code. How many times have you fixed a coding style issue (e.g code inside comments) on legacy code over and over again?

You can find our talks about how to add fixings on your development workflow on blogs, social platforms, and conferences.

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